1.17.20 Off-Center (poem)

I often find that my mind stands a few inches to the right of where my body is.
I am always slightly off-center.

Self-awareness meditation is the exercise of realignment.
Presence is the mind being where it should be.
Dead center in the void of your skull,
Where time doesn’t exist and past and future are delusions.

I often find that my body stands a few inches to the left of where my mind is.
I am never exactly where I should be.

11.29 Consumption

Seeing how it’s Black Friday, it’s only appropriate to write about consumption while suffering from a huge post-Thanksgiving headache.

But there’s so many great think pieces out there already that no one really needs repeated from me. As an artist, I always consume in order to create, but if you think about it, even someone who goes out and buys a luxury-brand brick is doing it out of a desire to create, only its a carefully crafted identity rather than a piece of art.

Our world and how we experience and navigate it, is not spherical like the Earth is. On our graph of reality:
x = Physical world to the extent we can experience it through our senses
y = Memory of past events and our mental database of what we know to be true
z = Imagination of the unreal, abstract, and conceptual that has little basis in reality

So our experience of the world is an amorphous and ever changing blob. Though if I had to give it shape, I’d probably call it a many-tentacled octopus.

Note to self: Elaborate on this concept some time.